Welcome to IFjP 2013

Welcome to the website for the Second Annual IFjP Conference, being held on 17-19 May 2013 at the University of Sussex.

The aim of this conference is to serve as a forum for developing and discussing papers that IFjP hopes to publish.  These can be on the conference theme or on any other feminist IR-related questions.

Call for papers

Feminists taught us that the personal is political.  International Relations feminists taught us that the personal is international.  And contemporary Queer Scholars are teaching us that the international is queer.  While sometimes considered in isolation, these insights are connected in complex and sometimes contradictory ways. This conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners to critically consider the limits and possibilities of thinking, doing, and being in relation to various assemblages composed of queer(s), international(s), and feminism(s).

Questions we hope to consider include:  Who or what is/are (im)possibly queer, (im)possibly international, (im)possibly feminist, separately and in combination?  What makes assemblages of queer(s), international(s) and feminism(s) possible or impossible?  Are such assemblages desirable – for whom and for what reasons?  What might these assemblages make possible or impossible, especially for the theory and practice of global politics?

We are interested in papers and panels that explore these questions through theoretical and/or practical perspectives, be they interdisciplinary or located within the discipline of International Relations.

Sub-themes include (Im)Possibly Queer/International/Feminist:

 — Heteronormativities/Homonormativities/Homonationalisms

 — Embodiments/Occupations/Economies/Circulations

 — Temporalities/‘Successes’/‘Failures’

 — Emotions/Desires/Psycho-socialities

 — Technologies/Methodologies/Knowledges/Epistemologies

 — Spaces/Places/Borders/(Trans)positionings

 — States/Sovereignties/Subjectivities

 — Crossings/Migrations/Trans(gressions)

 — (In)Securities

We invite submissions for individual papers or pre-constituted panels on any topic pertaining to the conference theme and sub-themes. We also welcome papers and panels that consider any other feminist IR-related questions.


Send abstracts (250 words) to: Joanna Wood (j.c.wood@sussex.ac.uk)

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2013

We will, however, confirm acceptance of submissions before the deadline if we receive abstracts early.  Early submission is therefore recommended.

The deadline for submissions is 31st January 2013.

The deadline for Registrations is

Inquiries should be addressed to the Conference Coordinator Joanna Wood at cait@sussex.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to Sussex in May.

Cynthia Weber

Conference Convenor